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just archiving a few older yelp-based publishing projects here:

the first is a short-lived poetry journal that ran from 2019-2020, called the five star review, founded with some friends one day in brooklyn college's english adjunct office. poets could submit work that would then be posted as reviews on the journal's yelp profile. submitted poems were titled with the name of a business to be reviewed. the journal's now-defunct website listed it as "the world's only for-profit, corporate-friendly literary journal" and its masthead only listed 3 "social media managers."

F. S.'s Reviews | Brooklyn - Yelp

the second project is a serial novel in progress, written across the yelp reviews of several years. it began mostly for friends' benefit, but as they say in the fiction industry, the characters really started to take over...

Job W.'s Reviews | Houston - Yelp

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